Workplace Campaigns

The United Way of Ogle County kicks off our 2024 Workplace Campaign this fall. With your help, United Way of Ogle County (UWOC) can support 17+ local nonprofit agencies through our 2024 Workplace Campaign!

Kicking off in September, the Workplace Campaign is an annual challenge to Ogle County businesses to organize workplace fundraising to help address Ogle County’s greatest needs.

No matter what is happening in your company, UWOC works with you, catering to your needs and the state of your business. Through the Workplace Campaign, UWOC offers a personal touch, considering how you want to be approached, how you want to raise funds, and how you would like us to support your efforts. Each business can tailor its campaign to its workforce and desired outcomes. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, we can help develop the perfect plan for your company’s culture, giving capabilities, and desired impact.

Learn more about initiating a Workplace Campaign and consider becoming a Campaign Coordinator. Please also feel free to reach out to discuss your campaign ideas and any questions you have. The UWOC staff is here to support your business’s way of fundraising and is happy to talk about all the options for achieving your fundraising goals. With your help, we can improve lives in Ogle County!

Ashley Richter

2024 Champions Guide – complete with tips and best practices to ensure a successful campaign in your workplace.

2023 UW Ogle Campaign Brochure – brochure highlighting how your gift makes a difference here in Ogle County.

Online Workplace Pledge Form – this pledge form can be completed online and includes a payroll deduct option.

Pledge Form – printable pledge form used to capture employees’ payroll deduction pledges.

Workplace Campaign Reporting Form– to be completed at the conclusion of your campaign.

Thermometer Poster – printable file to track your workplace campaign progress.

Fun-Raising-Ideas – for additional ideas on how to have fun with the campaign in your workplace.

United Way Agency Directory – to see which agencies donors can designate their gifts and/or where they can receive assistance.